ActionAid is a super stellar UK based organization that is dedicated to improving people’s lives every day, specifically those trapped in poverty. A few months ago, they teamed up with a handful of a killer to recreate a classic song, in support of their 6 Degrees initiative.

Amanda Ghost joined forces with Sinead O'Connor, Roisin Murphy, cocknbullkid, Micachu and Alessi's Ark to cover the empowerment ditty, I'm Every Woman. (and yes, Murphy is on lead vocals, hence the credit given in the post/song title). The effort is a call to action, echoing the sentiments of 6 Degrees that whatever is going on in the world, we're in it together.

Well now, there's even more radness to stir into this already boiling pot! The charity single, which was made availble for free download, has just been given the remix treatment by Beaston faves Ladytron! In typical "they" fashion, the song has been adjusted into a darkly brooding and sentimental output...complete with a set of terrific marching drumbeats.

There is also the Cosmo's In Your Mind version, which places the ladies straight on the disco dance floor!

mp3: Roisin Murphy - I'm Every Woman (Ladytron Remix)
mp3: Roisin Murphy - I'm Every Woman (Cosmos In Your Mind Remix)