In a true "meeting of the minds", 2 of the Beaston faves, one since site conception, and the other a more recent addition, get together for a hip-hop meets wigged out kicker of a product, resulting in an immediate "play and repeat".

Old Money are the kids we've been hot on for, gosh, dare we say, year[s] now? They continue to impress with a certain swagger and panache that is unmistakeable. With their No.1 Champion Sound EP recently getting released, the attention this crew receives is so well-deserved.

Nouveau Riche houses Starks and Nacey, 2 of the cats who are the newer powerplayers in the Beaston pocket. They're super chill, mad taleneted, and they remixed OM's Buena Mah Muvu, from the aforementioned EP.

Apparently Old Money got this reaction when sending this firestorm to a friend: "Nice, I'm glad to see that y'all are breaking down the class barrier between the different kinds of rich folk."

Neither here nor there with that comment, but I will say: this mix is SIIIICK.

mp3: Old Money - Buena Mah Muvu (Starks and Nacey Remix)