First off, let me tell you that this dandy banger is pretty much NSFW. But you could have gathered that on your own by noting that Yo Majesty is featured on this Michael Morph track. Put your headphones

Secondly, I have to admit I've been selfish. I held off on posting this for a few days, because I was loving it so much that I wanted to keep it all to myself. But alas, the generosity won over again, and here we go.

In anticipation of Michael Morph's forthcoming storming single GO CAT GO, I'm pleased to hit y'all up with a fantastic and extremely rare mix of his last single, Do What You Want, which features the aformentioned majestics.

The single will be released December 7 on Pure Mint Recordings.

mp3: Michael Morph (featuring Yo Majesty) - Do What You Want