While I'm not an expert on nautical footages, I will say that the yacht boarded last night for Shiragirl's video release party was MASSIVE. And gorgeous. And really really huge. But all big boat mentions aside, Shiragirl premiered her video for Sick Day to a select group of family and friends.

Before we talk about the track...who is is this new addition to Beastonia you ask? Shiragirl is dynamically spunky, pouring forth a blend of punk rock/hip-hop that is guiltless gratifying. Having been a part of Warped Tour and opening for Joan Jett, Rancid and NOFX, it's evident that Shira has sharpened her chops and is ready for a rebellious takeover.

Debuting their video for Sick Day aboard the above mentioned seafarer, we were headed to an "undiclosed location" while Shiragirl performed a short set. It was soon clear where we were headed, as she paused before launching into the next song, and cried out...

"Hey, there's the Statue of Liberty...she's my girl!"

In true punk fashion, Sick Day lasts all of two-and-a-half minutes, goes through the signature "last verse key change" and incites raucous dancing, jumping, and smiling. The video is an homage to that "Shit, I slept through my alarm, let's party!" vibe.

mp3: Shiragirl - Sick Day