If you think the kids in the below picture look insanely young, well then, you're right. Flamboyant Bella are a UK band, all aged between 17-19, from the outskirts of London, in a town called Hitchin.

Already achieving a massive 2 million+ plays on the 'Space within the last 12 months, Flamboyant Bella have been able to sell out small capacity venues around the UK. Their first single, Get A Reaction, is a rollicking fun romp through a poptastic world. A debut album and tour are both in the works as well.

Check out the video for Get A Reaction below, and then grab 2 mixes of said song after the visuals.

Also check out rad tracks, Abbi and Touch over at their 'Space.

mp3: Flamboyant Bella - Get a Reaction (Breakdown Remix)
mp3: Flamboyant Bella - Get a Reaction (Breakdown Vocal Mix)