In making a promise to myself that I was done posting anything on Black Eyed Peas, I feel as though I've abandoned my morals, ethics and inhibitions...all thanks to one, Mr. Vega. 'Tis all for the best though, because I guarantee you're going to dig this super sexy fix of their summer smash, I Got a Feeling.

If this mix's name is not enough to get your wheels spinning in intrigue, then let me give you some insight. It's exactly as is written. One part dirty, filthy New York lounged out sounds, and then BAM BLAM you're hit with a deep house sound that only can stem from Chicago.

If you think you've heard bass like this before, give it a listen, get shook so hard that you have to put your spine back in your body, and go!

Note from Mr. Vega: "I cut out the wack parts!"

Response from Sheena Beaston: "THANK YOU!"

mp3: Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling (Mr Vega Dirty NY and Chi-Town House Remix)