If there was any indication that Visitor has quickly jumped to the top of my "best of everything and anything" lists for 2009, then simply take a a quick scroll through the archives and note the swoontastically way in which we gush about the lusciously delicious tracks they've supplied us with.

And before you say, "HEY! They've only put out 2 songs!", take a step back and go ahead and marvel in their remix/producer selection for said lead single, Los Feeling. With everyone from local lads and international individuals going for a drive on the "Feeling freeway".

And the ride continues to roll on with a mix of a most panoptically grand mix that stick mostly with the original mix, only adding in a bit more dramatically relevant elements. It's like if you took chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and added hot fudge syrup to it. And THEN you added cookie crumbles, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Fear of Tigers have done just as described. They took something that was already amazing. And made it radder than rad could be.

Get ready to feel!

mp3: Visitor - Los Feeling (Fear of Tigers Remix)