I suppose it's only fitting that this seventh installment goes to Amanda Blank and her debut solo album, I Love You. See, 7 is my most favorite number, and if that's any indication to you as to my feelings regarding this release, well then dadgum, you're in for a treat.

Amanda Blank has long been known as the best friend of Spank Rock, collaborator with Santigold, and overall badass chickee from Philadelphia, PA. Her rhymes are tight, her flow is slick and she's now a force to be reckoned with as a solo artist. What's say we judge what she's throwing at us, eh? Eh!

Amanda Blank - 01 - Make It Take It [punkpop undertone...showcases blank's legit speedy delivery of rhymes...perfect opening track...A-]

Amanda Blank - 02 - Something Bigger, Something Better [love the bell & glocks popping...sultry dark verses...prechorus makes me sweat...A+]

Amanda Blank - 03 - Make-Up [a vanity 6 cover...couldnt imagine anyone other than blank redoing it...suits her personal & musical style...B]

Amanda Blank - 04 - Gimme What You Got [quick lipped spitting with signature bad girl lyrics...spank rock guests...cant sit still to it...B]

Amanda Blank - 05 - Lemme Get Some [gangster from the get-go...filthy lyrics almost make me blush...cool kids' chuck inglish guests...A-]

Amanda Blank - 06 - Shame On Me [slowing it down with blank's half talk/half singing style...thumping beat...makes me feel feelings...B+]

Amanda Blank - 07 - A Love Song [blank grabs i need love from ll cool j with help from diplo...soothing...nice follow to previous track...A]

Amanda Blank - 08 - DJ [super wet bass elements...enlists half rap/sing song style....mostly one note...could use a twist to liven up...B-]

Amanda Blank - 09 - Might Like You Better [lead single and deservedly so...radly gritty tick tock elements with a "do me now" attitude...A]

Amanda Blank - 10 - Big Heavy [funky beyond belief...bass slaps real hard...1:56 mark is vintage power...last 45 seconds are so smooth...A+]

Amanda Blank - 11 - Leaving You Behind [backing vocals by lykke li nicely compliment this "ballad" by blank...perfect closing track...A-]

So that's the long, and well, twittered short of it. You'll notice it's all A's and B's here for Amanda Blank. Fitting, given her initials!

In all seriousness, this solo debut effort is one that is both timely and relevant. Although critically passed over by many larger media outlets, I Love You is a well crafted 33 minute album that will make you dance, swoon and wanna shack up with the sweaty stranger next to you.

mp3: Amanda Blank - Something Bigger, Something Better