Oft in our virtual world of emails, chats, blogs, social networks and platforms, it's easy to mistake anonymous screen names and avatars for the actual able body and minded beings behind them. Akin to that all-truism, a random gem brings a collective smörgåsbord of brilliantly like minded individuals together. And so is/was the case as of 8:34PM EST on Monday, August 17, 2009.

Before diving in, I'd like to note that one peeve I have when receiving songs to review is the gross misuse, or lack thereof, of BCC. It's kind of like sharing a piece of cake with 100 people. Only you're not sharing it. You're eating it in front of their faces.

So when an email from 18 year old Jordan, of The Kids Are Radioactive, came in last night, with the subject line, New Tracks!! It was easy to pass over without so much as a second glance, seeing as how 230 of my fellow colleagues were copied.

What happened next was indescribable, but I'll try to explain, and do this sequence of events some justice.

Massive "reply all's" began flourishing. Initially, it started off with a simple one word response to everyone included. "PHAIL." Seemed like that was the end of it, as yes, others ire at the mass copying. And then, with a few swift keystrokes, Aleks of DiscoDust seemed to set the email chain on fire. It began with "hey, here's the weather in [xxx] city I live in." and progressed to jokes about old email chains, a/s/l mentions, and "what are you wearing?"

Yes, it's all in good fun and as of 1:45pm EST this afternoon, the responses are near the 200 mark. It's now progressed to the exchanging of links, music and twitter names. How long can this go on? Will it ever end? Will it incite more conversations? Has Jordan found the key to getting bloggers to communicate on a massive level?

Ultimately, what can you do to show your gratitude to a Los Angeles teenager who sparked a tiny fire under those of us who sit, patiently waiting, for the next big track? Why, you post his songs!

And wouldn't you know it. They're pretty darn good too.

mp3: Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix)
mp3: The Kids Are Radioactive (featuring Fabian) - Woodnote
mp3: The Kids Are Radioactive - Perpetual Drag

We've spawned a twitter chat, google document of contact information and facebook group.