In case you don't follow Tommie Sunshine on twitter, I'd make a bold suggestion and say "do it now"! The Brooklyn-via-Chicago record producer, remixer and electro DJ has been giving out free mixes and samples of tracks through the application, and we're already in possession of over 100 freebies from him!

Perhaps best known for creating dance remixes to popular songs, Sunshine is also a passionate and masterful producer. With this latest venture, in conjunction with both his twitter and Soundcloud accounts, this master of social media is responsible for making me want to dance nearly every day at random intervals.

Today, we saw mixes that included: The Faint, Boys Noize, Skream, Midfield General and many more. Which brings us to this quick and nifty little fix of Peaches' Show Stopper.

In his own words, Sunshine says: "with vocals 6 seconds in, this WAS tough to play. no more. problem be gone. Peaches is one of the best we've got."

mp3: Peaches - Show Stopper (Tommie Sunshine Reverser Edit)