If ever I've been in the mood to pull out my glowsticks, whistles, candy necklaces and JNCO jeans, then it's laregly in part due to the fact that NROTB (that's Nu Ravers on the Block, for those who don't know) is taking over my playlist. They consistently take all the best elements out of a sweatfilled allnighter, and jam it into 4 minutes worth of blacklit radness.

NROTB's latest single, Droplet, falls very much in the same vein as what we've grown accustomed to from these quirky Quebecians. It's super glitchy, ultra techy, and above all else, it's currently on repeat here in Beastonia.

As an added bonus, they threw us their remix of Amanda Blank's Might Like You Better. Holler!

mp3: NROTB - Droplet
mp3: Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (NROTB Remix)