We might be one of the few people that completely disregards 3Oh!3 as having any musically relevant capabilities, so at the mere mention of a response track to their annoyingly popular song, Don't Trust Me, I knew I'd have to go and mention them. THANKFULLY, this flip comes from those crazy kids, Menya, so we dodged a bullet there.

Menya round out their week of Beaston infiltration with a response flip to the dudebro's anthem, and gives this one out to the ladies.

Pairing Angie Ripe's and Coco Dame's vocal stylings over a beefed up Good Goose beat, you'll be singing "Won't f***, cause a ho won't f*** you" all day long. I guarantee it.

Here's the video. And as per usual, the track is at the bottom of the post.

Reminder: Menya play a super 90s legend show at Bowery Poetry Club on September 6. Be there!

mp3: Menya - Ho's Revenge (3OH!3 Response Flip)