It's been a bag of time since we've heard any new material from Beaston fave, Marina and the Diamonds. Sure, there have been a gaggle of remixes of her previous originals, but a new piece of work was eagerly anticipated here in our little world. And now, we don't have to wait any longer.

The Outsider is a track that starts off in typical Marina fashion. Minimal piano strokes and crisp vocals lead off for the first :26 seconds, but then wait for that next beat to hit, because the song soars from introspective and solemn to a full throttle no-holds barred screamer and stomper.

Don't believe me? Take a listen and pay close attention to the 1:28 mark when Marina passionately gives a banshee shriek as she decries: "I'm a fuckin' WIIIIILDcard!"

mp3: Marina and the Diamonds - The Outsider