I don't think there are any arguments when it comes to calling Fred Falke the master of dreamy, ethereal mixes. I mean, it's hard to imagine how the gent continues to thrill on a consistent basis, but let's just chalk it up to immense talent and bask in the glory we're bestowing on you.

Earlier this summer Example killed crowds with the demonic overground club smash, Hooligans, securing a solid fanbase. Now, he's left the bangers behind in favor of the sound of pop and produced one of the biggest tunes to hit the heatwave in Watch the Sun Come Up.

With this track, Example proves his songwriting cred, playing on the passions of summer romance with an incredibly addictive chorus and fuzzy nostalgic elements.

In his own words: "Everyone has had a holiday romance, a holiday fling, one night stand - whatever you wanna call it. There's something about sunsets and beaches though that make you think you're in love - when you're probably not".

So take all of that info, and throw Falke's brilliance into the mix, and you're soon to be floating along to this lush mix in no time.

mp3: Example - Watch the Sun Come Up (Fred Falke Remix)
mp3: Example - Watch the Sun Come Up (Extended Mix)