In what could be considered a massive role reversal, we've got a remix OF a Don Diablo track as opposed to the lightning lord's take on another mates' song. Diablo is readying his debut album, and he's enlisted a powerhouse mastermixer to take on this first bit of heat.

You may not realize, but Don Diablo is not from really, he's not. Nor is he from the UK or Italy for that matter. The Dutchman is proud to unleash the first bomb from his forthcoming album, er, well, at least the remix of it.

Also "not-a-Frenchman", Louis La Roche, takes on Diablo's frist album track, I Am Not From France, using itchy-skitchy tweaks and echoey rise, falls and beat drops. Diablo notes: "I'm excited I finally get to share something from the album, now that it is finally finished. Still don't have an exact date, but expect it to drop end of October!"

mp3: Don Diablo - I Am Not From France (Louis La Roche Remix)