Are you ready for 21 minutes and 10 seconds of super rad intensity to get your weekend kicked off in high fashion? Well then Beaston fave, CJ Milli, has exactly what you're craving.

No, the track in the title of this post is not that long, but we're giving you 3 additonal pieces of "Milli Magic", because we're mondo generous, and these are just too phenomenal not to share.

Milli hits us up with mixes from Jupiter One, Designer Drugs, MSTRKRFT, Gorillaz and many more. And anytime you drop the words "CeCe" and "Peniston" into my view, you can rest assure that the track is going to get posted.

And so it begins...

mp3: Barletta vs Jupiter One (Designer Drugs Remix) - Whisper Countdown (CJ Milli Mix)
mp3: CeCe Peniston vs FACT (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Finally, Los Angeles! (CJ Milli Mix)
mp3: Sharooz vs Gorillaz - Get Off! Feel Good! Inc. (CJ Milli Mix)
mp3: Hey Today! vs Lil Wyte - Oxy Cotton Wonderman (CJ Milli Mix)