The boys from Bergen, Norway brought their milkshakes to the [ship]yard, er well, Seaport, to a throbbing crowd of anxious young 'goers ready to dance. Casiokids entertained a lively audience on a shockingly sunny and nonrainy Friday evening in New York City.

The free concert at the South Street Seaport was, in actuality, a celebration of the10th anniversary of Moshi Moshi Records, which is home to Casiokids, as well as show openers, Slow Club and The Wave Pictures.

While both openers readied the crowd with their infectious blends of dancepoprock, Casiokids were, as predicted, the highlight of the evening. Between instrument and vocalist swapping, playing pineapple shakers and inviting Slow Club up to play percussion (with guitarist Charles in a monkey suit no less) on the last song, Fot I Hose, it's quite evident that the Kids are here to play and they're here to stay.

mp3: Casiokids - Fot I Hose (Axemax Remix)