What a fantastic way to start this humid lil' Tuesday morning! Buffetlibre DJs and Sidechains are back with yet another spectacular remix of a blog favorited track, and we wouldn't be doing them any justice if we just left it at that. More words below.

Throughout this trendy and tidy beast of a mix, the master producers behind this fix of Little Boots' Remedy verges on edges of disco, to dancefloor banger, to Ibiza-ic styles. And throw that all in a glorious little pot, stir it up, and you've got me SWOONING. Hard.

Highlights [aside from the entire track]

0:03 glittery tidbits that evolve into a...
0:17 handclap fiesta
1:05 welcome to St Tropez; enjoy the whistles
2:48 enter a hearty drum sequence
3:20 pow pow with another heavy beat drop

Basically, I could go on and on about this gorgeous piece of work. but what say you get it yourself and enjoy the splendor I'm reveling in!

mp3: Little Boots - Remedy (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains Remix)

BONUS! More Buffetlibre fixed heat!

mp3: Cartridge - The Woods (Buffetlibre Remix)