Regina Spektor has been constantly on my radar as of late. Whether it's rocking out to her old tunes on repeat, on repeat, on repeat...or anxiously awaiting news of her new album, Spektor has been on the tip of my tongue for the past few weeks. And now we've got a tasty little update to whet our respective appetites.

A short time ago, the cover to Spektor's new album, Far, was supposedly leaked. Well, here's what the piano-rific lass has to say as of yesterday:

So, to explain. Sorry bout the new cover mix up. We had a million comps, ideas, and we posted the wrong ones... everything is like a kaleidoscope... i'm giving up trying to make things perfect, because they never are... i bet my record comes out called "Fart"... i kind of hope it... i've kind of wanted it to be called fart for a while... ever since i named it far, i wished it was fart...

but you don't need to worry bout all that. I think the cover is right now... and i know that any day now my new song Laughing With will be up... We will put it in the player here, and get it out into the world...It's a new song that i never played for people at shows before...

As she mentions, you can stream Laughing With, over at her Space.


Far tracklist
1. The Calculation
2. Eet
3. Blue Lips
4. Folding Chair
5. Machine
6. Laughing With
7. Human of the Year
8. Two Birds
9. Dance Anthem
10. Genius next door
11. Wallet
12. One more time with feeling
13. Man of a Thousand Faces

Regina Spektor's Far is out June 23 via Sire.

mp3: Ben Folds, Regina Spektor vs T.I. - B.F. Meets T.I. (team9 remix)
mp3: Regina Spektor - The Call (Added Beat remix).mp3