This was too good to pass up. 17 [harhar] year old Harlem phenom, Azealia Banks, threw down 3 verses on top of the classic Ladytron track, Seventeen, and dadgum if we're not impressed beyond all belief.

Just give a look at these lyrics and tell me you didn't blush a little bit.

"We hit the liquor, now he wanna lick her
YKK he's on my zipper
He wanna tickle my fancy
And just go downtown like Delancey"

And don't worry, this rad UNSIGNED chick spits equally as raunchy over the entire track. And I love it. Someone needs to pick her up like whoa.

mp3: Ladytron - Seventeen (Azealia Banks remix)

Sending a big ol' hat tip to Neon Gold for the heads up on this one.