This is a bit of a weaker showing than normal, mostly because I had a bajillion submissions, yet the LA vacation prevented me from reading through all of my emails. So I apologize if your response was fault entirely.

Anyway, I love slapping palms, but what is your...

Sheena Beaston, of this site, duh: L'Trimm - Cars That Go Boom
"Because I've never NOT high fived someone anytime this comes on."

Dallas Austin, producer: Deniece Williams - Let's Hear it For the Boy

Jeff, from thecultureofme Outfield - Your Love
"Sure it's about cheating and whatnot, but you can't tell me you didn't high five tons of times before even knowing what the song was about. And no one can ever say they haven't lost their shit the second the drums come in."

Fake Zero, DJs: Joe Esposito - You're the Best
"It's the montage song from Karate's like an audible HIGHFIVE!"

Glenna, from I Got Knees: Andrew WK - Party Hard
"Because it's incredibly appropriate."

Pasta Primavera, from Pasta Primavera: Journey - Don't Stop Believing
"Don't try and knock it, just go with the flow baby."

Hud, from Scottish Friction: Climie Fisher - Love Changes
"At work, my friend and I would walk past each other singing this song and high-five each other at the "GES" bit in "Love ChanGES" at the chorus!"

Jacob from The Bukkake Files: Theophilus London - Day One Fans
"Crank this track up to Eleven and High Five everyone in the room!"

Lydia: Joe Bean Esposito - You're the Best
"Because I had a huge thing for Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid, and because doing a chest bump to this eighties classic is never quite as satisfying/painless as a slap-tastic high five."

Christina: Ace of Base - The Sign
"Still amasing."

Michele Isabel: Wreckx-n-Effect - Hard or Smooth

Many thanks to all who participated, and please, if you WERE skipped over this time, I assure you we're back on a regular schedule now.

The next theme will go live TODAY at noon.

mp3: L'Trimm vs Grandmaster Flash - Cars That Go Boom (Dave Wrangler remix)