Well gosh darn it, yes you read that post title correctly. And no, you are definitely not used to seeing these sorts of posts here. But my inner "16 year old high school self" did a little backflip when I saw that Eminem is back on the scene with an all new music video for his latest single, We Made You.

In true Mathers' fashion, the video takes a sharp jab and right hook at current pop culture names and faces. Quick hit list: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, Bret Michaels, Sarah Palin, Kim Kardashian, Ellen/Portia, Lindsay/SamRo, etc...

While I respect the "comeback" of the insanely thin Eminem, I'd generally like to see a different video format. Seems like this has been done a couple of times before by the Detroit lad, no?

mp3: Eminem - Without Me (Party Bens Nobody Listens to Techno remix)