A brand new track has just surfaced on the i'net featuring Tonedeff, an MC/singer-songwriter/producer that we featured back when he released his version of Love Lockdown titled Warden.

After hearing Tonedeff & Substantial’s trance-inspired, Punk, up &
coming VA producer/remixer/DJ NumberNin6 approached the baby-blue kingpin about remixing Pervert, an outrageously catchy track from Tonedeff's debut LP, Archetype.

As most of you may or may not be aware, Tonedeff acapellas are a rare commodity. So, it’s not often that you hear a Tonedeff remix, let alone one sanctioned by QN5! And sanctioned this remix was, crafted from scratch using the original acapella.

Needless to say, you can look forward to more collaborations between the two in the coming months.

mp3: Tonedeff - Pervert (NumberNin6 remix)