It's been one of those nights, in which, I re-fall in love with songs I haven't listened to in, at the very least, a couple of months or so.

Earlier it was Portishead's Glory Box. One of THE sexiest tracks you could prob break a bone or two off too! Yeah, I went there.

And then, like the little nerd girl I am, anxiously sat down to watch the finale of America's Best Dance Crew. Don't judge. The final two crews danced together to a megamix of Madcon's Beggin', which is another of my, "haven't listened to you dudes in a while" tracks.

Now wouldn't it be sweet if those two hot as fire tracks blended themselves up into a spicy little jambalaya? Oh, it's been done by Mighty Mike. REALLY well.

mp3: Mighty Mike - Beggin For Glory (Madcon vs Portishead)