Holy mother of all things sacred. My fave dude, Immuzikation, and I both share a burning passion for Metric, and with the upcoming April release of their new album, Fantasies, he went and pulled a major remix out of a track not designed for clubs in Help, I'm Alive.

If you love Metric, and love top notch remixes, then I suggest you get this in your ears stat. You will not be disappointed by the crunchy beats that make you wanna shake it to Emily Haines' vocals.

Lordy, this was an EXCELLENT way to top off a ridic weekend.

Be sure to hit up his Space too. He's gonna be playing a million and one shows over the next two months, so get your sweat ready to fly.

mp3: Metric - Help, I'm Alive (Immuzikation B-ting Like a Hammer Remix)