"I said a loose cannon, yes a cannon on the loose..." Old Money Crew are back with a set of edits that are ready to warp your world. And who have they gone and crushed up this time? None other than the proverbial fan favorite, Little Boots.

Here's what Old Money has to say:
For the edit - we don't change too much, as the song is pretty damn splendid as is. We've always loved the cautionary tone of the track, a nice contrast to all the "I don't wife her, I one night her" type songs that are out there.

For the warp mix - well...we kinda change everything haha. Agressive stabs n jabs, the whole track (with the exception of a drum or two) was made entirely from sounds taken from the original. Look ma, no vocals!

And here's what I have to say. The addition of the male vocal verse in the beginning was a refreshing change from every other remix I've heard of this track to date. And wait until the 3:58 mark when the most liquidy, aerodynamic sound will always go down smoothly.

Hearty hat tip to the dudes of Old Money. Always impressive.

mp3: Little Boots - Meddle (Old Money Edit)
mp3: Little Boots - Meddle (Old Money Warp Mix)