Well looky here who is gonna have the last laugh. One of the first posts I ever wrote was on R&B songstress, Wynter Gordon, and how much I loved her track Surveillance. Well, EVERYONE was quick to judge and made fun of me for standing behind my notion that Gordon was gonna get big within the next year.

And while she hasn't broken records or won Grammys, let's take a looky at what we have here.

Manbeast muscle-y rapper of the moment, Flo Rida has found a hot amount of success with his radiorap, Right Round. And with an upcoming album, tracks are starting to spring forth. One, including none other than Wynter Gordon.

The track is called Sugar, and YES in case you were wondering, it samples Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee). (can't chance posting it, but you can go snag it here)

So suck it world, this track is gonna blow up too. And then I'll smirk the day away.