It's been quite a hot minute or so since I made mention of Ghostface around these parts. In case you weren't aware, the dude is one of my fave lyricists and whilst "gruff around the edges" his flow and delivery is one I admire.

Seems like Ghost was fed up with the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco, and rather than make an absurd public statement like celebrities and musicians are prone to do, he took it to the pen and paper, enlisted Novel on a slick chorus, and let the words do the talking for themselves. (the full track name apparently hits with "message to Rihanna" as part of the title)

And yes, the track does lift the melody from one hit wonder Glenn Lewis' track, Don't You Forget It. God, I used to LOVE that jam. Wait. Yeah. Still do.

mp3: Ghostface (featuring Novel) - Message from Ghostface