We are pleased to announce the forthcoming Buffetlibre DJs vs. Sidechains Tour 2009, which celebrates the release of Rewind 2.0 project.

Rewind 2.0 was released last January and has been downloaded my more than 1,000,000 people, appearing in media as BBC, USA Today, Disco Dust, NME, Pitchforkmedia, Trash Menagerie, Future Music, The Tripwire, Popjustice, etc. Rewind reunites exclusive 80's and 90's covers by artists as Frankmusik, Bonde Do Role, AC Slater, Dragonette, etc).

Sidechains, one of the most heralded acts from Rewind, will join Buffetlibre Dj's in this new tour.

Buffetlibre vs. Sidechains Tour 2009 shows will consist of:
Sidechains live + Buffetlibre Dj's set + Sidechains vs Buffetlibre live

mp3: Madonna - Into The Groove (Sidechains remix)