Buffetlibre DJ's are back with Continental Breakfast, their new mp3 experience!

Continental Breakfast is a new blog-based project, where they include some small music pills in mp3 format. Not a common music blog and not a news magazine. Some examples of these are the "All You Can Eat" mixtapes (thematic mixtapes), "Buffetlibre Dj's Compilations", "Recipes", "Selected" mixtapes, etc.

First music pills are:
- All You Can Eat Vol.1: 100 pop songs (free download)
- Recipe: Corn Cake With Condensed Milk, by Bonde Do Role
- Selected: The perfect song to accompany a Continental Breakfast selected by your fave artists
- Buffetlibre DJ's B Compilation: Free download album with the best producers from Barcelona
- All You Can Eat vol. 1: Primavera Sound Festival free mixtape.

Buffetlibre DJ's B Compilation can be downloaded in full here. Or sample a track below. TASTY!

mp3: Mendetz - The Boola (The Requesters remix)