Yowzers. I hadn't listened to good ol' Bif Naked in a while and when I started doing a little searching this afternoon, I came across some doozy little pieces of information. Let's read on, shall we...

Bif Naked will release The Promise through her Fontana North-distributed HRM Records label on May 5, 2009. 13 months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and almost immediately began to write and record her sixth studio album in between chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions.

Of the first single, Sick, Bif says:
"Everyone has something in their lives that makes them angry, sick or fed-up. Of course, chemo made me sick. But there are a lot of other things going on in this world, like the damage to the environment, hunger and homelessness — especially children — unethical treatment of animals, the refusal of certain governments to provide their citizens with basic human rights, and so much more. Most of us feel this way about something, and I hope everyone can relate to the song."

The song I Won't Cry (Fuck You 2) has been offered as a free download on her site. It's a great track that showcases Naked's signature pipes, all in the context of an arrangement that makes me envision early 1960's girl groups. Or Lesley Gore or Nancy Sinatra. If they were ready to slice you up!

mp3: Bif Naked - I Wont Cry (Fuck You 2)