Since I was so late on the SXSW push, what with trying to maintain a normal social life, balance a busy job, and keeping up to date here on the site, I figured that today I would start my shameless begging/plea for anyone out there to send me to Coachella to cover it. Does that make me a bad person?

Here's the long and short of it:

1. If you pay for my plane/festival ticket, I'll take care of housing accomodations. I don't even need food. That's just overrated.
2. I will go to whatever show you want me to.
3. I will provide first hand, and poignantly written accounts of said events, all in a timely fashion.
4. I will turn over all images, writings, videos to you so that they become your property.
5. I will host links on my site to where you host said writings on yours.
6. I will schmooze whoever you want me to.
7. I will perform an extensive PR push with media contacts.

Basically, I will become your roving reporter, doing whatever you ask me to do. Am I selling out? I don't see it like that. I figure, I'd be doing both of us a great service.

And because it makes sense, cue this track now.

mp3: Madcon - Beggin

For more information, details, questions, please email me here.