Each day, I get more and more infatuated with Marina and the Diamonds' exquisite sound. Last week she swung by BBC's Radio 1 to perform some live tracks.

From Marina:
we did this for huw stephens last week. and oh he is lovely like a jar of welsh honey.

You can listen to the live tracks and one NEW track
here on the iplayer. (make sure you have RealPlayer installed). And can also view a clip of me singing Mowgli's road here.

Love yallll.

The new track is called I'm Not a Robot and, holy smokes, we're yet again blown away by Marina's impeccable vocal control and unique arrangements. The track hits around the 1:10:00 mark on the stream as above. (or email me here for a rip of the song that I was able to pull from said streamage.)

mp3: Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions (Asprins For My Children mix)