Um, can I just preface with how utterly jazzed I was leading up to this performance? You, undoubtedly, know of my intense admiration of Little Boots, as she's quickly become a staple fixture on the site, and quite possibly, the most blogged about artist here.

Scheduled to go at midnight, Little Boots didn't hit the stage until nearly 1:10am, which was all well and fine, but it seemed as though a virtual slew of technical difficulties [ahem, Studio B] kept the show delayed. What was gorgeous in and of itself however, was that whilst the lights were still low, Hercules and Love Affair's song Blind came on and Boots grooved in all her glory, back to the audience.

The show finally began, and to make it brief, let's shoot out highlights, because honestly, I could rave all day about how absolutely enamored I was with the entire set.

- Who knew Mathematics was such a jumping dance track?
- Love Kills live is pure perfection when performed live
- New In Town =♥♥♥
- Stuck On Repeat as the closing song in which EVERYONE was losing their mind
- black hooded dress and gold studded belt...I'll be owning something similar
- Magical as the opener was as the title suggests
- a new song!

Head on over to Tastes Like Caramel to see more brilliant pictures. I, like the esteemeed journalist I am, forgot to take my camera out. Too much fun was being had!

I highly recommend checking out a live performance by Little Boots. As we've mentioned countless times, 2009 is going to be huge for the little lass and you'll need no further convincing after a great show.

mp3: Little Boots vs Richard X - Fine Boots