Without Peaches, this site probably wouldn't exist in the current genre heavy vibe you've come to know and love. Self-made and self-pleasuring, the queen of electropop/rock has spent the latter part of 2008 on a variety of club dates, dj sets and park tours.

But 2009 promises to be big for Peaches, as her new album, titled I Feel Cream will finally see a release date. (although none has been confirmed to date). The first single, Scared of Lonely, will debut on alternative radio stations worldwide early 2009. The song, produced by Peaches along with new collaborator, Simian Mobile Disco, features an electric harpsichord intro with aggressive, hip-hop styled beats, with lyrics and vocals unlike any of Peaches' previous singles.

And hey Londoners...well, I'm jealous of you. Peaches takes her live show, Every Little Defect Deserves Respect, to Royal Festival Hall on April 10 for a one-night party during Ether 2009. Peaches will perform on laser harp and present material from the new album. You lucky sonofabitches.

You may be used to hearing the tradional electroclash style Peaches' sets forth, but in the hands and minds of Flaming Lips, we've got a gorgeous spaceage disco harmonic treat.

mp3: Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her (Flaming Lips Eat Peaches)