Toy Toy is a London based band formed over a year ago after an argument between wayward lyricist, Demelza, and the laser-fingered, Synth Girl. From opposite ends of the spectrum musically and socially they found they had nothing in common except a desire to stick two fingers up at the indie boy bands that didn't have to sleep their way to the top.

With fierce analogue synth b-lines, neat up tempo beats and DIY guitar, Toy Toy have been described as "the long lost London cousins of the Rezillos" and cite ESG, LCD Soundsystem and Peaches as key influences. [we dig that!]

Toy Toy will be giving away a free download of their digital release, Fuck My Boyfriend, on February 14. Head here on VDay to snag it. Such a fitting track for the blackest of holidays, eh? I mean, what's cooler than saying, "Fuck My Boyfriend for free this Valentines Day!"

For now, stream it below and have a looksy at the video. I've just fallen in love with this filthiliciously vamp track. It's righteous.

Toy Toy will self-release the single on March 5, 2009 available on I-Tunes, Amazon and Napster.