Occassionally [read=frequently, as of late] I get super lazy and just link to some of my favorite sites and let you go grab tracks and info from them. Extending a little helping hand out to those sites we respect is just something that comes with the turf. Let's do this.

Kick ass site, Mossip, has a pretty rad mp3 up for your perusal. Lady GaGa performing her 3rd single, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), with just a beat-boxer and an electric piano. It's rad as hell, and if you don't go get it here, you're missing out.

Electroqueer, who constantly bestills my heart with the neverending knowledge of all the music I CRAVE, has news on Parralox, and the upcoming release, Sharper Than a Knife, which miraculously has 19 (19!) remixes on the single.

Pretty Much Amazing has that new Justin Timberlake track you may have heard floating around. Snag 'er here.

I'm the biggest sucker for both Ciara AND Chris Brown. Danja produced a new track, Turntables, for the pair of them, and El Chiko Kevo's got the goods here.

MusicBoxMix has the Britney Spears' If U Seek Amy remixes package. Go get it!

And that's it for the time being. I'm half asleep and ready to tackle food and my comforter so hard right now. But not without leaving you a bit of heat.

mp3: Gwen Stefani vs Neil Diamond - Hollaback Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon (Gloryhole Remix)