Lady Gaga, Little Boots, La Roux ... L' Antigone? Just when you thought it was impossible for another female electro artist to emerge triumphant, in marches Antigone with her second single, Promiscuity.

Oui, it's about sex. But no-one is writing or singing about sex quite like this. While Lady rides the disco stick and Lily laments the wet patch, sexual love in Antigone land is ambiguous, androgynous and intriguing. Her nod to the 80's harks semantic, not just graphic and acoustic.

Nine months ago Antigone's debut single, More Man Than Man, was released. We sat down with the wonderful lass a ways back and chatted about some random things. Antigone mentions that, ironically, the song More Man Than Man is not about men at all, at least not in the way it implies.

Cue Promiscuity, which opens the forthcoming album AntigoneLand. It is immediately clear this is not standard electro pop. This bears all the hallmarks of truly avant-garde pop: a chiaroscuro of darkness and light, unexpected melodic modulations, seductive as well as soaring vocals and intense, evocative lyrics.

Promiscuity will be released on iTunes worldwide on April 6 through Yoctopus. AntigoneLand is due out on April 20.

mp3 download here: Antigone - Promiscuity (Lush Shuffle Remix)