Here's a brief list of why I will be tuning into this mess. And yeah, I capped it at 11 reasons, because frankly, I didn't feel like this deserved more time than that. I'll weigh in on the travesty during and post-show.

1. To see how high Lil' Wayne is.
2. To see Coldplay get served legal papers.
3. To see if there are any shots of Robyn in the crowd.
4. To see, subsequently, who wins Best Electronic/Dance Album.
5. To make fun of Paul McCartney's "men who look like old lesbians" face.
6. To see if the ladies of the Best New Artist category beat out the Jonaii.
7. To see the disappoint on my face when they fail at accomplishing this.
8. To watch Raising Sand win Album of the Year because it will.
9. To watch Rihanna and Mr Timberlake grind one another.
10. To watch Neil Diamond be such a bad ass.
11. To numb the pain.

You can come back here to the main page promptly at 8:00pm for all the liveblogging fun. I'll be in chat mode about 10 minutes pre-show, so join me, won't you? S'gonna be fun and you'll be sexier if you join in.

Sidenote: If Katy Perry wins Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, I'll slice someone.

This song has no relevance to this post, other than the fact that it's super hot and has the word "LIVE" in the title. The end. See you tonight!

mp3: Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Chew Fu Live Fix)