Juliette and The Licks are no more. Sadcakes! But the good news is, she is still going to be making music with her ne project, Juliette and The Romantiques, and frankly, my dears, we couldn't be more thrilled at the prospect of new tunes.

Juliette says:
Hello and Happy New Year to one and all! Its been too long and u and I have so much to say... The (mighty and lovely) Licks are no more. It is the end of our run... For now. You can find out what everyone is up to on their various sites and show them your love and support. As for me I have some exciting things in store for those who still want to follow me into the wild!Its a new sound. A new band. A new record. Its a new year. I have been working with a secret producer and a secret band on a secret project that is soon to become un-secret. I am in the process of building a new website and page and will be uploading the new sound in the next couple weeks!! Also I will report to you in a Vlog from the mystery cave in one week... So stay tuned!In closing I would like to thank all of you for your dancing feet, yells and screams and love and support over the last five years. Couldn't of made it without you. Honestly and truly. And in the next five I promise to unearth the pixie dust, howl and fire, rhythm and groove to sooth and ignite. Can't wait to travel into the unknown all over again...2009 its yours and mine!

This made my day, which, mind you, began at 4:00am.