A unique individual in a genre in desperate need of something out of the ordinary, Thrasher, has the blessing of some of the game’s greats. A 21-year-old prodigy out of Orange County, CA, he brings a unique sound to an underrepresented market.

Thrasher’s extremely eclectic upbringing has provided him with ample skills to engineer a sound unlike any other in music today. He has embarked on his own path creating a sound that fuses Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, and Pop, and bringing individuality and flare to a genre of music that severely depends on it.

Fans of N.E.R.D. and Shwayze will appreciate Thrasher's heartfelt efforts. Us, well, we can't seem to stop playing Red Lipstick Girl. Join us!

Buy Thrasher's The Red Lipstick Girl EP here.

mp3: Thrasher - Red Lipstick Girl