Named after the bouncy dolls seen in the back of taxicabs, Taxi Doll was formed to bridge the gap between pop-rock and electronic music. Inspired by a mix of Garbage, Chemical Brothers and Blondie, the band quickly popularized a sound that is often referred to as “Rocktronica”.

Think if Gwen Stefani was fronting Goldfrapp and then she had a love child with Kylie Minogue. Insert some heavier beats, and it's a force that you can't help but love or at least want to dance to.

Enjoy the track, A Little More Love, from their debut album, Here and Now, due out the end of February along with a remix of Notice Me.

mp3: Taxi Doll - A Little More Love
mp3: Taxi Doll - Notice Me (J. Scott G.'s Arrival Remix)