So we once already gave you the Designer Drugs' remix of Avian X's infectious dancer, Dark Circles. (find it here)

Now, we are pleased to give you the original, in all it's synthtastic and groovalicious glory. (we're gonna re-host the remix too, cause we're sweet like that)

Who exactly is this Avian X? Known by here given name in some [dark] circles, Natalia Ivachkevitch is Russian born but resides in Connecticut now. She is trilingual (English, Russian and Polish), and creates dance/rock music that is inspired by Depeche Mode, Shiny Toy Guns, IAMX, Madonna, etc.

My advice to you is to keep an eye and an ear out for this dynamo. 2009 is going to be very kind to Avian X.

mp3: Avian X - Dark Circles
mp3: Avian X - Dark Circles (Designer Drugs Remix)