Allison has been a true supporter of Sheena Beaston in every sense of the word. But who is this mysterious lady? Well, chances are you've either heard or seen her. How? Read on.

Allison is a lifestyle artist, meaning she hosts, does voiceovers, rocks out with all the cool bands and rubs shoulders with top shoe designers. Credits include voiceover work for A Double Shot at Love, The Bad Girls Club, and The Real World. She hosts Steve Madden Music events, is the music spokesperson for Amp’d Mobile, and currently, Allison serves as on-camera host for Playboy Mobile. And that just barely scratches the surface. Whew!

Even while living this whirlwind life, Allison took the time to get us her 2008 listees. Cue voiceover, and action!

1. Best Album of 2008
Kings of Leon Only By The Night

2. Favorite Single of 2008
Kings of Leon Sex on Fire
Britney Spears Womanizer
Coldplay Viva La Vida
Katy Perry I Kissed a Girl

3. Guiltiest Pleasure of 2008
Guilty as charged - I love Katy Perry...and Metro Station, although that was really 2007.

4. Best New Artist of 2008
The Fashion

5. I Hated ____ in 2008
And continue to hate (present tense) Miley Cyrus

Hey, how about The Fashion? Great choice! Know 'em? Love 'em? You will now. Hat tip to Allison for helping beef up the site today!

mp3: The Fashion - Like Knives (Daniel Dexter Remix)