I'd like to know why more hasn't been made about thecocknbullkid. Honestly, I would. Anita Blay is a force to be reckoned with and judging from her demos, 2009 is going to bestow greatness upon the masses.

Raves have already been spewn forth on her debut single, On My Own. And that's where the entire blogworld seemingly shit the bed on all things cocknbull.

So here I type, gallantly swooping in with a stream of what is quite possibly the greatest unfinished track I've heard all year. Black is still labeled as a demo, and well, that's all I really know about it. The crazies on the subway must've thought I was nuts tonight, seeing as how I couldn't stop spasmastically grooving when this randomly came on after not listening to it for a few months.

Now it's your turn. It's filthy good!