I don't like hating. You will be hard pressed to find a bad review written on this site. I figure, why waste time ripping someone a new one, when that time can be spent hooking up someone with exponentially more talent.

That said...

...let's take a brief look at the 10 things that was irkin' our gherkin all the year through.

10. Coldplay
I hate you.

9. Miley Cyrus' Face and Lack of Musical Integrity
I hate you.

8. Dave Matthews
Not sure that you really did anything of note in 2008, but I still hate you.

7. Common's Universal Mind Control
I hate you.

6. MGMT's Live Show
I hate you.

5. DMCA Taking Down Legit Posts
I hate you.

4. Madonna's Face on the Britney Spears Documentary
I hate you.

3. Fall Out Boy
I hate you.

2. Kanye West
I hate [to love] you.

1. Vampire Weekend

And that's it pups. Let's get super cheery now...on to the next list.