The Interiors, of Chicago, released their debut LP this summer, garnering rave reviews from the Washington Post to the Chicago Tribune. In a nutshell, they are self-described as having an avant pop (Pixies, REM, Sonic Youth, etc) base but owing just as much to the tradition of R+B interpreters in the lineage of Presley, Stones, Talking Heads, etc. I'd call 'em straight up solid.

We've had a listen to the self-titled debut and are pleased to report that our ears didn't stop smiling throughout. Under the Radar called the track Power Lines "one of the best songs I've heard this year." We're in agreeance. (Agreeance? Sure we'll make up words. Whatever, it means we also share the same opinion.)

You can check out videos of a Rolling Stone event they played in August here. And then you can snag the track we (and you, in turn will) love.

mp3: The Interiors - Power Lines

And, lucky for all you NYC based readers. The Interiors will be at Cake Shop on December 15. GO!