C'mon now, you know we don't like to use the profanities 'round here, so the post title has to be in reference to some other entity, correct? RIGHT-O!

Just earlier this morning, I was pining for a new Christmas song to get me in the spirit. You can only listen to Mariah's All I Want for Christmas (Is You) so many times before aural diabetes sets in. That said, cool kid Dan from DC/Brooklyn outfit, Deleted Scenes, just lit the yule log in my cold little heart.

In time for Christmas, Deleted Scenes present the closeout track on their forthcoming debut album, Birdseed Shirt. The track Get Your Shit Together for the Holidays. It's a sort of quarter-life Christmas carol, decked with the season's anxiety, lonliness, and (after a ghost orchestra explosion) hope.

Birdseed Shirt comes out January 6, 2009 on the Ghostword label.

mp3: Deleted Scenes - Get Your Shit Together for the Holidays