Well, honestly, your guess is as good as mine. But after you listen to these tracks, you really don't need an explanation. Cause you'll be juking the night away.

Here's a bit to get you started on the whos and whats of Galactic Boys.

Members: 3 friends who like to create galactic sounds (all boys started producing music in the late 90´s)
Age: 27 - 28
Home: galaxy of germany
Birth of the Galactics: 2004
Puplic: 2008
Idol: Moroder
Interests: music and gamble
Likes: 80´s and martel
Objectiv: reach much people with our music ( label where are you? )
Currently: working on stuff for their upcoming ep

mp3: Galactic Boys - Men Must Explore
mp3: Galactic Boys - Planet 72