The Fireman is the moniker given to electronic music experiments created by Paul McCartney and Youth. Together, they've created 2 albums in the mid to late 90's that delved into the psyche of all things out of the ordinary.

Now, a new album marks a venture into unchartered territroy for this collaboration with the use of vocals.

Electric Arguments is an eclectic and varied album consisting of thirteen tracks recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year. Each track was written and recorded in the space of one day. The Fireman went into the studio with no plan or clear direction of how they wanted the album to sound. The project took a life of its own and the results will surprise anyone expecting to hear the previous sound of the band.

The album’s opener Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight is classic rock and an instant attention grabber. A heavy guitar riff with loud drums and souring vocals, it’s like nothing The Fireman have ever done before.

You can stream the album before purchase, and then, you know, we expect you to buy it too.